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Version 0.92 (26.08.2011)

  • Added addresing mode ("Directly addressed" or "Broadcast") within the description of the command

Version 0.91

  • CEC frame separator configurable
  • Added release notes & help

Version 0.9

  • First public version
  • Most of the HDMI-CEC specification Version 1.3a messages are supported
  • Not yet supported messages:
    • Msg ID 07: Tuner device status
    • Msg ID 09: Record on
    • Msg ID 35: Timer status

Frame separator

  • By default the frame separator is ":"
  • It can be modified by choosing up to two characters in the input field on the left side of the frame input

CEC-O-MATIC v0.91 - Tool based on HDMI-CEC specification Version 1.3a, more information on

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